Saturday, April 2, 2016

Merced Probation, the Gestapo

A interview by Merced County News Television with sheriff Vern Warnke about homelessness. It is from personal experience a root cause of this would be the Gestapo like Merced probation. Particularly the officers within the trident center. I've seen their work first hand, eye to eye, and what most fail to realize is the ones who try and help the fallen (probationer's) will also get crucified by their pitchfork as well. The Clendenin's are a great example of their fine workmanship.

Time and time again I see future victims giving into the DA's plea deals of probation, usually between 3-6 year terms. Which comes with its own laws that you have to abide by and can even override state laws. To even strip ones rights to visit ones family cause of firearms, whether or not said firearms are locked away according to state law, see PC25135.

What I personally believe is that there's a hidden criminal aspect to it. It surrounds personal property. Whether a firearm, electronics, or even the housing itself. So if you find yourself going through the courts, you would be better off to serve a prison sentence proven guilty by a jury, or you could get your family and or friends subjected to their thirst of greed.