Friday, January 29, 2016

Misplaced evidence logs

When one pleads guilty to a violation of probation, shouldn't the property that convicted him be returned to the rightful owners who have no criminal records? A DPO James Pappas and a DPO John Chiero says different. Listen, when they seemingly misplaced evidence logs.

As of April 20th, 2016 all firearms have been released using the DOJ's firearm release form process. Clearly these officers need to properly educate themselves in law and do more proper searches.

"Reasonable Fear"

It appears you have no 1st amendment here in Merced county. Merced county is filing a charge against me PC653.2A. I discovered this when I was looking into details about my brother and fathers cases, one a Felony and another a Misdemeanor. Don't worry, to me this is a big victory! It really proves I've hit a nerve with this county, which in fact is corrupt. Take my word for it, I've witnessed it first hand. I would also like to note, I personally could have feared for my life when ABC30 Action News, Merced Sun-Star, Casey McMilon and many others publicly disclosed our address all over the place after my brother and father defended their lives and property from a German Shepard that wandered into our yard an attacked! But hey, I'm a man, I don't need to waste resources to defend my life and or property. I have one hell of a combative mind, obviously.

Thomas Keynes Min, Felony?

A deputy district attorney Thomas Min who works for Merced County seems to have a felony (Robbery) in the state of Ohio. I have no clue if one can attain such a position in law with such a criminal history.

On May 4th, 2016 I talked to a detective from the city of Fairlawn Ohio. He stated he went through fingerprints and photographs and determined it was another Thomas Min with a last name spelt Minn who resided in Cleveland Ohio at the time. I however do still question the court clerks information which has now been removed from their online records. Here's a PDF capture file from

Ethan Morse dismissed in murder trial

Ethan Morse, son to a District Attorney Larry Morse II. With the seriousness of these charges, why hasn't this case gone through trial? Does the Morse family have ties to Judge Ronald Hansen who dismissed the case? Hansen dismissed the case because he felt prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to support their case.