Thursday, February 4, 2016

Real Estate Fraud

In some shape or form, no matter who you are, your life has been affected by the 2008 housing collapse which sent markets around the globe into a downward spiral. Caused by people who were excessively pulling out loans who couldn't pay it back, mostly doing it for quick profit. It has spawned one of the biggest investigations and is still ongoing. Today it has even influenced our entertainment, from realistic movies like The Big Short to more fictional films like Money Monster.

It brings me to Merced County California, which according to the FBI, ranks fifth in the nations fraud risk index back in 2009.
I only write this article now cause of personal experience with the local government. I have went through countless searches (warrantless) and raids which has left a family rattled and homeless. From probation, the police department, and the DA's office. They came into our home tore into everything, trying to find anything that could possibly lead to a arrest. Which did lead to one, all evidence (firearms) was never to return to rightful owners, only a pellet gun. Keep in mind, the one they've arrested had a job (white oak foods), his first car, and was just starting to change his life around. In this mess he lost his job and put our family into a downward spiral.

In this behavior of local governance that I've witnessed, I dug into them, just like what they've done to this family. I've grabbed names and done extensive background checks. I know where they live(d), their emails, phone numbers, relatives and others who they associate with.

I then came to realize the property. Mainly from years 2000 to 2006 there were indeed extensive loans. From $20,000 to upwards of $1.5 million (OP DEV INC). I've got this type of information from Beenverified, keep in mind, some information can be misleading and or entirely wrong. It is one of the reasons I forwarded some of my findings to the FBI and DOJ April of 2015. Days before Merced County's DA's office raided (on a misdemeanor). They seized firearms and all electronics that can hold any type of data related to another matter.

It is then I started to investigate the lead investigator in the DA raid. A Albert Flores, son to a Armand Flores. I find in just on one property alone he and Kimberly Flores has pulled out nearly $1.3 million in three years time on a house that was worth $400,000. These people are also associated with a Gerald Dover and Opinski Construction (OP DEV INC).

In closing, it is my personal belief this type of information is why the DA's office is coming after me on anything. My only wish is for Justice on all fronts!

Persons of interest: Larry and Richard Morse, Robert Carroll, Jesse SaucedoDavid and Sharyl Elgin, Gerald Dover, Greg Opinski, Eddie and Anna HazelAlbert Flores, Christopher Henn, Shoua HerDenise Duran, Kao Chao, and Jim Mcmilon.

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