Friday, March 30, 2018

Misconduct within Merced Probation

Just nearly four years I've personally witnessed the conduct of law enforcement here in Merced County California. From the police dept, the DA's office and probation services. Very questionable conduct from officers under Christopher Henn's supervising eyes, managed by Lisa Maples, and overseen by chief probation officer Jeffery Kettering as well as former chief Scott Ball.
Most what I'll be saying here is hearsay and will never stand in a criminal court hearing against said officers. I do this cause a voice in the dark is better than no voice at all, also words and information is powerful if you know how to get it in the public's eye. "We the people." Once awakened it can topple any giant preying on the weak.
The conduct I've witnessed over the years is intimidating, making one if not more to commit acts of violence. Very similar to students bullying around others in school, until said others snap and go on shooting sprees. One incident I've seen is false probable cause, which is very effective excuse for their reports to dig further for evidence. "Tell a lie enough it becomes true." Another is attitude, especially supervising officer Christopher Henn. One how can prosper off of anger management classes. Seen multiple times yelling at the top of his lungs which has had an impact on us from 2014. Below Christopher Henn on the right. Left would be actor Sean Astin.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Excessive force supported by the military?

I begin with what has happened fairly recent. The Merced hookah lounge incident. With it's star of the hour, Joseph Opinski, served for the United States military, who, keep in mind, was cleared on multiple shootings here in Merced. Son to Greg Opinski, a construction contractor who's caught in a political scandal with former mayor Tommy Jones on bribery. 

There was far more better ways to have served the warrants. For instance, they could have avoided any conflict with the people by watching and observing in casual clothing. Later, waiting for the best time to arrests the suspects. Preferably in the best interests of the public. Yet they did it by brute force, possibly knowing it would cause conflict with outsiders.

Given Joseph's history with the Merced Police Department as well as others. Does the US military look the other way or even support the negligence of Merced county's intelligence? Especially when they served towards their interests...